What to Expect at an Event

Here is some very helpful information you should check out before you go to a Re-Enactment!

If you plan to attend a Civil War Re-Enatment, here are some helpful tips to read before you go:


-Always bring money to an event. Even if there is free admission, it is always wise to have money to spend. There are merchants, called sutlers, there who sell food, drinks, and souvenirs. Some events charge admission, but others do not.

-Bring cahirs to sit in while watching the battles. At the Moorpark event, there are bleecher seats avaliable for an extra cost, but all other events have no seating.

-If you, or someone in your party, have sensitive ears, bring ear protection. The guns and cannons we use are real weapons, and although we are not firing live rounds, it is just as loud as a regular weapon.

-Dress accordingly. Always wear comfortable shoes. You will do a good amount of walking in and out of camps. Check the weather before you go so you can decide on what to wear.

-Bring sunscreen or a hat, just in case.

-Bring a camera. There is a lot to see, and we love for people to take pictures.

-Don't hesitate to walk in camps. We are set up so people can look in our camps, ask questions, take pictures, etc. However, we do ask that you do not touch anything without permission from the owner of the item. If tents are open, you may look inside, but don't enter without permission. If a tent is tied shut, please do not enter it.


If you follow there suggestions, we are sure your re-enactment experience will be an unforgettable one.

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