Corporate Organization

The Union Army of the West, Inc. is an umbrella organization for multiple re-enacting organizations. These member organizations are individual groups with their own members and commanders, but also members of the UAW. As such, members organizations are entitled to one representative and one vote on the Board of Directors, which governs the membership, organizaion, and administration of the Union Army of the West and its events off the field.


The Board of Directors, comprised of representatives from each unit, is headed by the Executive Board, which is elected/re-elected every year at the corporations annual meeting. The current Executive Board was elected on January 4, 2020.


Chip Duncan, President

John Roberts, Vice President

Aaron "AJ" Gonzalez, Vice President of Membership

Pete Swavely, Secretary

Jeff Lawson, Treasurer

Shane Padden, Commanding Officer (Non-Voting)

Minutes of the Annual Meeting, January 2020
UAOW Jan. 10, 2020 Minutes.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [649.7 KB]

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