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Our Officers

1st Division

Shane Padden, Brigadier General

Commander of the Union Army of the West


Pete Swavely, Lieutennant Colonel

Chief of Staff (Acting), 1st Division Staff



William Hedges, Major

Provost Marshal, 1st Division Staff



Russell Nakaishi, Major

Chief of Signals, 1st Division Staff

L. Duncan, Captain

Chief Surgeon, 1st Division Staff

Kurt Hudelson, Major

Brigade Quartermaster, 1st Division Staff

Don Butz, Captain

Aide-de-Camp, 1st Division Staff

AJ Gonzalez, Sgt. Major

Command Sergeant Major, 1st Division Staff


Dean Vargas, 1st Sergeant

1st United States Sharp Shooters (USSS), Co. F


David Dewey, Sergeant (standing)

J. Villareal, Captain

Company Commander; U.S. Marine Detattchment

USS Congress Landing Party


Mark Groen, Lt. Colonel

Infantry Branch Commander


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Darryl Hutcherson, Captain

49th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

J. Kimmick, Captain

Company Commander; 2nd Vermont Volunteer Infantry, Company E


Chip Duncan, Captain

69th New York Volunteer Infantry Regt., Co. C


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James Stytle, Captain

Company Commander; 33rd Wisconsin Infantry, Company H



Dom DalBello, Captain

Company Commander; 5th Wisconsin, Company F




Mike Bogert, First Sergeant (Standing)

5th Wisconsin, Company F


Jeff Blansett (left) Lieutenant 

Company Commander;

97th U.S. Colored Intantry, Actg. Engineers





John Roberts, Lieutenant Colonel

Cavalry Branch Commander


Jean "Hal" Roberts, Captain

Company Commander; 2nd U.S. Cavalry, Company I


Jerome Dawson, First Sergeant (not pictured)

2nd U.S. Cavalry, Company I


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Nick Stephens, First Sergeant (Acting)

Company Commander; 2nd U.S. Cavalry, "B" Company

James Reed, Captain

Company Commander; 2nd Massachusets Volunteer Cavalry, Co. A "California One-Hundred"




Mike Schmeiser, First Sergeant (Not Pictured)


Dan McCluskey, Major

Company Commander; 7th Michigan, Company F




Bruce Smith, First Sergeant (Standing)

Company F

Bob Kuehl, Captain

Aide-de-camp to Lieutenant Colonel John Roberts


Bob Glesner, Lieutenant Colonel

Artillery Branch Commander

M. Johnson, Major

1st Battalion Commander

D. Richman, Captain

Battery Commmander; 1st Penn. Light Artillery, Batt. B 

Gary Weir, Captain

Battery Commander; 4th U.S. Artillery

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