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We are the largest organization of Union Army Re-Enacting Units in California. Our job here is to educate adults and children on the American Civil War by living history. We portray individual units of infantry, cavalry, or artillary men in the Union Army during the war between the states. We warmly invite you to browse our site, and visit us in person at any one of our amazing events!

General Padden's Message

Brigadier General Shane Padden

Commander of the Union Army of the West


Welcome to the Union Army of the West's Website. Our jobs as Re-Enactors is to educate ourselves and others about the life of the soldiers of the Union during the Civil War. In order to accurately portray Union soldiers and their families, we dress in period uniforms and demonstrate the way men cooked, cleaned, fought, and lived in the time of the war between the states. Our goal is to introduce more people to the history of the war. That is why we estblished this site, so we can reach more people. So, we invite you to feel free to browse around.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the public by re-creating the historical time period of the American Civil War. Through the use of period correct camps, uniforms, food, and weapons, we strive to create an enviornment in which people of all ages can learn through visual aid. In order to accurately re-create an historic enviornment, we portray Union Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery in the field during the years of the Civil War.

Want to know more about our Re-Enactments or the people we are? Learn more about us and meet our dedicated members. We're looking forward to serving you!

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Defend your homeland, fight for what is right, and bring liberty and justice to the south! It is time for you to join the Union Army! Recrutment stations are available at any of our calendar events. Join the Cavalry, Infantry, Artillery, Band or an Auxillary. Don't just sit there, join the fight now!

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